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Various introductions


1. Equipment introduction

Home use machine with improved usability. Space-saving design developed for use at home. A comprehensive training machine developed for home use. Convenient cost performance with a function that allows various training to be performed in addition to the large pectoral muscles with one unit. The form of the frame is designed to be a gentle line, eliminating the ruggedness unique to training machines. It is a size that women can use with confidence. It is recommended for those who suffer from lack of exercise and strengthening body balance. This is a machine that trains the muscles of the back and latissimus. The latissimus dorsi is a muscle from the base of the armpit to the upper part of the waist that forms a reverse triangle. If you train here, the upper body will look beautiful on the body silhouette. Especially for men, it is an indispensable part to look strong. In the case of women, it is essential for the silhouette, posture and bodyline of the upper body to be beautiful. Unlike a running machine or a fully motorized aero bike, the two wheels are connected by a belt, just like a real bike, so the feeling and load is almost the same as a real bike. You can concentrate on training because there are no motor sounds or footsteps.


2. Staff introduction

kebukuro Studio: Iida Ryota

I have been playing futsal since elementary school. Since I was a high school student, I had more injuries, and I realized that training in it gave me a high performance and a healthy body. Taking advantage of such experience, I am currently focusing on body makeup and balance control as a personal trainer. Not only sportsmen, but also the children's body and elderly people suffered joint pain, body distortion, and illness, and gained experience. First of all, let's start with the training that suits each person and grasps the customer's body.

Tachikawa Studio: Rie Yasuda I was in the volleyball club until I was a student. Since I belonged to the Department of Sports Science at the university, I am interested in working in the physical industry and have acquired an aerobics instructor qualification. For the next 10 years, I was in charge of teaching various types of lessons. At present, we are focusing on personal gyms where we can provide one-on-one guidance to customers. Since I am a mother of one child, I am good at supporting the body makeup and maintenance of postpartum women, so please feel free to contact us if you have any worries specific to women.

Shinkoiwa Studio: Kamiya Kaoru

Since childhood, I have experienced many sports such as swimming, marathon, volleyball and mountain climbing. When I was a university student, I became interested in overseas sports lessons and went abroad to study in the United States. When I studied in the United States, I was impressed with the real fitness and studied fitness after returning home. He gained experience as an instructor at a major fitness club and is currently teaching as a personal instructor at this gym. Regardless of gender, it can be applied to various bodies. Of course you can speak English, so please feel free to visit foreigners.

3. Studio Introduction

A clean, bright and spacious studio. People tend to have the image that a gym is a place where men can sweat. There is a machine. The tour is free! Please feel free to visit even the atmosphere alone.