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fitness gym WILL has a menu that is only for you.

Update information and information

Ginza store opened.NEW
We started recruitment of conditioning monitors.
The site has been renewed.
Three new machines have been introduced!


About fitness gym WILL

In the fitness gym WILL training, the trainer will be dedicated to each customer and will be responsible for the end of the course so that the customer will not be frustrated. In order to maximize the potential of each person, we will balance the body and provide thorough support on a one-on-one basis to find out when and how you can move efficiently and effectively.
・ I want to become a cool and beautiful body
・ I want to find training that can last a long time
・ I want to squeeze my body
・ I want to make my body less fatigued
・ I want to improve my health
In order to meet the various needs of customers such as, to customize their own training methods according to the age and physical strength of each customer, everyone will work together without difficulty.


Yoshida trainer has been taking 
a rest for a while.